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What a night we had last night! I would say the atmosphere was explosive but theses days people don”t like the word so let”s just call it FANTASTIC. In two years” experience of Saturday sing-along nights I”ve never seen something like this. Even the bar staff were amazed.

First we had the Italian couple, Luigi and Erica who saw me on Wednesday and were back on Saturday for more of the same. Luigi gave us a solo of the no 1 hit Uno Ballo Americano to general euphoria. Then I started to sing Macarena for a quiet Spanish couple at a table only to have the place turned into a dance floor when tow ,lovely Spanish senoritas Theresa and Maria started to dance going through the motions and singing at the same time. After that the place turned into online casino a massive west end stage with people singing every show tune they knew (amazingly they knew the lyrics as well). Here I have to award star points to Steven and his group of friends, including funny girl Sally. They were celebrating Steven”s birthday (see photos) and oh boy, did we sing happy birthday just about one million times at different intervals during the night. Special mention here for Emma who was a birthday girl as well.

If that was not enough, Billy arrived after 10 o”clock, having been the staring in the current production of Stomp. He brought his favourite instrument, bones. If you thing spoons are great to accompany pub favourite songs try to imagine double the excitement when Billy started to accompany me to just about every song i could think of, especially a great rendition of Hit the road jack, Guantanamera and Twist and Shout.

Towards the end a sexy girl called Rachel delighted us all with her personal rendition of I”ve got a lovely bunch of coconuts to the boy”s visible enjoyment, Another great tambourine solo from Billy and the usual farewell songs concluded a night of sheer excitement, loud singing and great fun. Wish i could bottle it and show it to my mum.

A super BIG thank you for all who attended and joined in with the Sing Along..

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