The One for Me


Sometimes you kiss a frog and you think that the man who comes out is your prince. Sometimes he really is, but in my case, the man this song was written for didn’t stand the test of time.

Nevertheless, it was a great night in Colne, Lancashire, at a jam session in a house full of old hippies. Plenty of them in Colne, some of them the best friends I ever had, great characters. The air was thick…of music, everybody was in great spirits, the other kind of spirits were flowing as well, so we  were making great music together. My friends were extremely versatile musically and we had a drummer, lots of guitars, african bongos and of course, me on the keyboard.

From time to time we switched instruments, so I ended up with the big drums and I was playing around when it all faded out an  there was this big pause for everybody to breathe, rest and reflect at the mysterires of the world – as you do on such nights.

Going back on the keyboards, I started to play with the keys and this tune materialised from under my fingers, which everybody seemed to like, so I carried on and made up the words. It seemed natural to dedicate it to the one who was a part of my life at the time, so here it is, a nice, simple ballad.

Later on, in London, I found a nice girl called Lucy Norris, who was the best singer in the local karaoke in the Bull and Crown pub, so I  asked  her to sing the song for me on the demo.

Her voice carries the tune so nicely, I hope you like it as much as I do.

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Comments on The One for Me

February 8, 2009

edna dy solis @ 2:53 pm #

you so fantastis,spectacullar all your song !!I’m about to cry now on your song!!”the one for me” i really love it