Sitting on the wall

Sheila Jordan and Lile Davies Corfu 2006This is the latest song I’ve written, this summer in July 2006, on the fantastic Island of Corfu.

I had just spent the most incredible week of my life as students of the Ionian Academy of music, a jass workshop with Sheila Jordan.  Now,. if anybody hasn’t hear of Sheila Jordan, I advise you to brush up on your jass music history! Man, this lady is the real thisg: a jazz child as she likes to call herself, who sang and jammed with the gods of Be-Bop music: Charlie Parker, Thelonious Monk and Miles Davis.

It was to be expected that after one week of be-bop and da-ba-da music, when “ma man”, my beloved Roy, came for a second week of relaxation on the beech, one morning this tune came to me out of nowhere. Maybe it came out of the magnificent blue waters of the small lagoon where we were sitting, literally watching swans and geese float by, like the words in my song, wondering how is it possible for them to  swim in sea water, but here they were, and that’s how the song came by.

It didn’t take me more than 15 minutes to write it, words and all. Maybe it had always been there, waiting for me to release it to the world>

Here it is:

Download Setting on The Wall MP3

Charlie Parker – Jazz Quotes

“Master your instrument, Master the music, and then forget all that *!xy!@ and just play.”

Corfu 2006 – Shiela Jordan Jazz Workshop

Corfu 2006 Jazz Workshop