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The pages in My Music section includes my music and lyrics and some background notes on how it was inspired. Please enjoy and feel free to add your comments.

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Paris in October you’ve heard it before… but this time it’s different because my heart is sore..

Inspired during a wonderful romantic trip to Paris in October of course, it's a love ballard with an hypnotic melody.

A broken body on the Calvary … A heavy cross and so much pain They tried to kill, they tired to crush Him .... But He’s alive, He lives again.

Inspired over 2 years and recorded for Easter 2007

It must be summer as all the birds are singing… it must be summer ….
This is the most beautiful blues I've written, probably with Joe Cocker in mind. I was listening a lot to his blues at the time.

Sitting on the wall with my baby.. who could be as happy as I …….

The hot summer in July 2006, on the fantastic Island of Corfu.

I had just spent the most incredible week of my life as students of the Ionian Academy of music, a jass workshop with Sheila Jordan.

In the London underground train I feel so unhappy and blue…Its the London underground train that's taking me further and further away from You.…

Inspred at a time when I was madly in love with this guy who lived in London. The problem was - I lived in Lancashire, so every time I came to see him in London I had to travel on the Underground to get to him. You can imagine the sheer excitement coming up - it seemed the train was travelling at snail speed, I couldn't wait to meet him, anticipating the delights of the week end ahead will be.

If I could think of a love song.. I would sing it to you.……….

Sometimes you kiss a frog and you think that the man who comes out is your prince. Sometimes he really is, but in my case, the man this song was written for didn't stand the test of time.

Beleive it or not, this song came to me one cold October morning, at 7 oc'ock, while I was buying grapes from the kiosk outside London Bridge train station.