Last night we had a blast.

The first stars of the night: Alex and Jerry. Fantastic voices, especially on big numbers like New York, New York and Big Spender. Congrats, lads, come again any time.

Unknown beauty – part of a great gang of people whi turned up after 10 pm and joined in the fun. Boy, can these guys SING, DANCE, MAKE NOISE AND GENERALLY BEING THE BEST WE EVER HAD. WELL DONE, COME AGAIN.

A group of Spanish señoritas, no shrinking violets, especially when it comes of dancing the famously up-tempo song: el Viva Espana The whole pub turned into bull fighting fanatics, especially when the realised they had to keep up with these lovely ladies. Adiós and Asta Lavista.

Undiscovered(yet) amazing talent: Owen on the piano, gave us a fantastic rendition of IMAGINE and PURPLE RAIN. What better way to end the evening with everybody taking a trip down nostalgia lane? Thanks Owen you are welcome to tickle the ivories any time.



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