p>Bob is a first class cocktail Pianist, he brings an added charm to the old standards with his soft voice.

He is very adatable, classics, soul, show time, jazz and blues. Bob has become a frequent accompianist at London singer night clubs and is also very happy to sing himself.

He has performed at many events including the American Ambassadors’s Residence in Regent’s Park and major London hotels including the Conrad International in Chelsea Harbou and the Mayfair.

Major engagements or gigs have included a private party attended by the Clinton Family and serenading the Crown Prince and Princess of Thailand.


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9th of January 2007 – Singer’s Night at Nelson, an Italian restaurant in Warren Sttreet. What a way to start the New Year!

Organised by a fine lady of the jazz music, Chris Legee, the Singers’ Night has been the place where I can say that my jazz family is. I know everybody, they like me, I like them and what greater way to water down those nerves than singing in front of a sympathetic audience of smiling faces and good cheers at the end?

Way back in 1998, I met Chris at Goldsmith College where we both attended a singing class run by Bertrand Quintart who introduced us to the joys of the Alexander technique. Chris invited me to come to the open mic she organised at a dainty little club called Tatty Boogle, where the likes of Anita Wardell and Ian Shaw were the guests of honour. More on Singer’s Night in January

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