Uploading your music video as part of your promotion campaign can be time consuming, but I found  these services that might help.

Heyspead -  Upload once to these guys and they will upload to 10 or so video sites including YouTube, Google, Myspace etc for a smwll fee of course, they also provide reports so you know your music vid is in place.


Trafficgeyser - An upload service via  a monthly subscription – plus e-books and guides on boosting your video out to drive traffic to your website.






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p>This week I am in beautiful Cannes to visit the MIDEM Music Market event, I understand that this year there will be over 9,000 music industry pros from a multitude of countries. The good news with music right now is the on-line sales, where in the past CD’s sold via shops and later supermarkets, today on-line sales are making it possible for even small independents to sell music. 

And it’s not just CD’s, we are talking Digital for your Ipod and Mobile and more.

I will post a full report on my return later this week and in the meantime you may like to visit theofficial MIDEM site to see for yourself WHY 9,000 people meet in CANNES in January!

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adam-andy.jpgTAXI Road Rally 2007 – 9th to 11th November

I flew 11 hours from London to LA to attend my first TAXI rally convention, it  was worth every minute of it. Over the next 3 days I had a  chance to meet and network with a varity of music industry pros, ranging from marketing gurus such as Bob Baker (author of the Guerrilla Music Marketing Handbook) , Jason Blume (songeriter with over 100 hits under his belt) and many others. Read more and see my pictures of the event TAXI 2007 LA >

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Paris in October Enjoy

Inspired during a very romantic trip to Paris, France in October 2004 (yes it’s taken me sometime to create the demo). I find Paris very inspiring and conductive location to creating love songs. I hope when you listen, you too will imagine the wonder of Paris.

Click here to enjoy Paris in October

[Lili Davie Music ->my music]

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The One For Me – Inspired Ballad

Sometimes you kiss a frog and you think that the man who comes out is your prince. Sometimes he really is, but in my case, the man this song was written for didn’t stand the test of time.

Nevertheless, it was a great night in Colne, Lancashire, at a jam session in a house full of old hippies. Plenty of them in Colne, some of them the best friends I ever had, great characters. The air was thick…of music, everybody was in great spirits, the other kind of spirits were flowing as well, so we  were making great music together. My friends were extremely versatile musically and we had a drummer, lots of guitars, african bongos and of course, me on the keyboard.

Click here to sample The One For Me >

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Last night I had the pleasure to visit the Plough Inn in Wood Street Walthamstow London E17, for a blues jam.

As you would expect it was a very layed back session, starts at 9pm with the house blues band playing some great blues numbers, after the interval guests can play.

If you are into blues like me the Plough is well worth a visit.

The Plough Inn >

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The magic of creation is that out of the most sombre moods or saddest moments a touching piece of music can come out.

It Must be Summer is the most beautiful blues I”ve written, probably with Joe Cocker in mind. I was listening beste online casino a lot to his blues at the time.

Click here to sample It Must Be Summer Blues Tune 

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Sitting on the wall  – Jazzy Tune

The hot summer in July 2006, on the fantastic Island of Corfu.

I had just spent the most incredible week of my life as students of the Ionian Academy of music, a jass workshop with Sheila Jordan. 

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Last night I had the pleasure of a night at London’s barbican to see Taraf De Haidouks + Amira (Band of Outlaws)

Electrifying performance, although none of the band has followed acedemin musical studies their talent and passion to express their and promote their national music make sthem perfect ambasdors for Gypsy music through out the world, with over 1,000 concerts to their name and even a private playing with Jonhny Depp.

See them if you can.


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How fast a birthday arrives, and it’s mine today, with a great night out at one of London’s finest known as 32 Old Bailey with typical Romanian dishes and fine wines plus typical folkloric live music.

I will update you more on my return (well maybe a couple of days time as will surely need to rest a little)

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It’s to do with the time when I was madly in love with this guy who lived in London. The problem was – I lived in Lancashire, so every time I came to see him in London I had to travel on the Underground to get to him. You can imagince the sheer excitement coming up – it seemed the train was travelling at snail speed, I couldn’t wait to meet him, anticipating the delights of the week end will be.

London Underground >

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I had a fatastic time recently at a Jazz Festival in my home country Romania.

I plan to create a page and more posts with pictures very soon.

Jazz Band in Romania
Jazz Band Romaina

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